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Disheveled Mommy/Mommy's Make up Bag have recently had the privilege of reviewing for you some products from Ferro Cosmetics.

They arrived in a box, clean and cutely packaged:

I received a full-sized Ultimate Mineral Foundation in "Fairest Honey". Two mini blush/bronzers in "Glow Baby", and "Winter Kiss". One full-sized eyeshadow in "Pole Dancer", it is HUGE. As well as two "mini", or "miniature full size" eyeshadows. One is "Vegas Tan", the other is "Sultry Smoke". The full-sized eyeshadow jars are a 1 gram jar, making the .5 gram "minis" certainly smaller, but by no means as tiny as a sample.

You can click any picture for a better view!

The first product I tried was the foundation. I love mineral foundation because of its build-able but full coverage, and this one didn't let me down.
I also liked that had quite a deep sifter. I'm clumsy, and often in a hurry, and the jar made application easy and less messy.
It went on smooth, buffed in easily with my kabuki brush, and created a nice matte finish without looking fake or over done.
It covered my redness, but was weightless, even after building it up in my problem areas.
The color was perfect for my summer tone, but is the lightest they offer, so I won't be able to use it in the winter. It wore well, lasted throughout the day. Made it through hot prairie winds, and lots of sweat. It even stayed mostly on at the end of the day after a fair amount of toddler cuddles all over my face!

Of the blush/bronzers, I tried the bronzer "Winter Kiss" first. The web site says it is the lightest of their bronzers, and great for very light skin tones. Most of the time I cannot wear a bronzer, it just looks like I rubbed dirt on my face, way too much contrast in color. They were right about this bronzer, nice and light, sheer, but built up to a nice touch of color. It had a great feel to it too, blended nicely. Just a hint of shimmer.

Below is Winter Kiss swatched. The right is swatched as I would any color, like an eyeshadow, on the left is it blended out & into my skin a bit.

my wrist is MUCH lighter than my face- so you can SEE the color! =-)

Glow Baby is a lot like Winter Kiss, but pinker and a bit deeper. It applied and blended just as wonderfully.

If you've been around for a while, you know I LOVE mineral eye shadows/pigments. I was very excited to get to try some of Ferro's.
The large one, I received was Pole Dancer. I was very glad to get this one in the large, I am fond of greys and silvers, and this was a beautiful silver.
It was a bit more sheer than other silvers I own, but built up without getting clumpy. It shimmered and sparked like crazy. Beautiful color! I have a swatch of all three colors coming up.

I also enjoyed the shimmer and sparkle in Vegas Tan. It is a GREAT summer color. Golden and sheer. On a nice smooth base with lots of sheen. Not Charlie. ;-)
Sultry Smoke is a must-have color for green and hazel eyes. I didn't enjoy the texture/application as much. Not as smooth. But the color is worth the extra practice it takes to get it to behave. Some colors are just like that. Especially mattes, and colors like this that are more matte-like bases than others. The shimmers in this color pop out of the flat-ish background perfectly, and add just a bit of sparkle to a nice, smokey eye. It lives up to its name.

Sultry Smoke
Swatch time: in various lights and angles to try and show the sheen, shimmer, and sparkles.
From left to right: Sultry Smoke, Vegas Tan, & Pole Dancer

In all, I am very impressed with Ferro Cosmetics. I am in LOVE with having bronzers I can wear. I love the matte finish of the foundation. I'm already looking at the other eyeshadow colors so I can try some more!

YOU can have a chance to try some Ferro too! They have kindly offered to host a giveaway for a Gift Certificate for my lovely readers. I will post the giveaway sometime Monday, so be sure to get the word out. =-)

Disclaimer: I was given products of my choosing to review. I was not compensated in any other way for my review. No money was offered or given. These opinions are 100% my own and of my own thoughts and words. Ferro is also sponsoring an up-coming giveaway for my readers.


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